Services We Provide
Since mapping inquiries are now demanding on-time delivery, fast and accurate result with the best
quality products result, PT. NARCON is always ready to provide almost all of clients' inquiries.

Services we provide to our clients are ranging from consulting until map products. We are using
different kind of software and technologies for answering our clients' demands. Our services of
consultation consists of three steps:
Preliminary consulting
Advice and project execution
Besides that, we are also offering other range of products such as map printing, digitizing
photogrammetry, GPS field check, Orthophoto processing, DEM extraction, ground control survey, GIS
implementation, software conversion, aerial photography, satellite imagery, and many
name it. PT. NARCON is also expanding its services not only in mapping, but also in other fields,
such as constructions, Website designs, other industrial consultations and many more. PT. NARCON
surely is growing bigger every time to time.   
Photogrammetry processing with SSK by
Intergraph. Photo courtesy of Adjat PJB.
Film processing. Photo courtesy of Adjat PJB.
GPS field check. Photo
courtesy of Adjat PJB.
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